Some of the courses I have taken or am currently taking at the University of Toronto are listed below:

  • ECE352 (Computer Organization), Prof. Andreas Moshovos
  • ECE356 (Introduction to Control Theory), Prof. Margaret Chapman
  • ECE360 (Electronics), Prof. Khoman Phang
  • ECE354 (Electronic Circuits), Prof. Ali Sheikholeslami
  • ECE355 (Signal Analysis), Dr. Sunila Akbar
  • ECE363 (Communication Systems), Dr. Mohammed Saif
  • ECE368 (Probabilistic Reasoning), Prof. Alberto Leon-Garcia
  • ECE417 (Digital Communication), Prof. Frank Kschischang
  • ECE1502 (Information Theory) (graduate level), Prof. Wei Yu
  • MAT401 (Polynomial Equations and Fields), Samprit Ghosh
  • MAT327 (Introduction to Topology), Malors Espinosa
  • MAT357 (Foundations of Real Analysis), Prof. Fabio Pusateri
  • AER210 (Vector Calculus), Prof. Alis Ekmekci
  • MAT292 (Ordinary Differential Equations), Prof. Fabian Parsch
  • MAT389 (Complex Analysis), Prof. Israel Michael Sigal